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“As you gently open yourself to healing you also open yourself to a new world of possibilities.”



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Hi my name is Jaquie Segrove, and I am the proud author of the competition winning Hay House affirmation: "Everything is working perfectly in every moment whether I choose to believe that or not", which is what I believe to be true.  However, I have been through my fair share of hardships before I got to where I am today.  


After a failed first marriage and much heartache I decided that this was not a relationship to invest any more of my energy in and I decided to pursue for divorce.  During this time I was blessed to meet a new man in my life and as this relationship grew an opportunity came for me to move from Cumbria to Nottingham. Leaving my home, my friends and my family I set out on a new adventure.  


Whilst I can see that this decision took courage and some said I was brave it was still difficult.  My fledgling relationship with my new man hit some difficult times, he lost his Father and twelve months later I lost my Mother.  I did not enjoy the work I was doing and all my good friends were a long long way away back up North.  I started to find myself suffering from illness, never really anything serious but reason enough to have regular visits to the doctor.  I needed help and support and healing,  I had reached the lowest point in my life . My big wake up call was when my doctor offered me anti depressant pills, this was not what I wanted or needed.  I realised at that point that this person who I had been regularly visiting was actually not going give me the help that I needed and if I was going to “get better” I had to do it myself.


I refused to believe that taking medication would help me, I did not want to take these pills.  I knew in my heart that this was not the answer for me, this was not a cure, rather a way of masking the emotional and physical symptoms.  By taking responsibility for my health and wellbeing I decided that there must be another way, and I made the choice to embrace a holistic path to health rather than using conventional medicine.


Once I had made this decision by taking responsibility for my wellbeing I took back my power and wrote my intentions down. Changes didn’t happen overnight but I revisited books that had had an affect on me years ago before I got married such as “Living in the Light” by Shakti Gawain and “You can Heal your Life” by Louise Hay.  I also returned to and developed my meditation practice, increased my level of exercise and went to several therapists, some of whom practiced energy work.  Combined with using affirmations and actively changing my thought processes I eventually began to find myself again and now I can say I have connected back to true happiness and joy in my life.


Life teaches me that as human beings we have an almost infinite capacity to overcome suffering.  As long as we have the courage to face up to and accept difficult situations, there is nothing for us to fear, all situations can change.  In fact our greatest growth in life often comes from our most difficult and challenging situations, as happened to me.


Believing we are divinely guided, in 2011 after leaving a full-time job, I soon became aware that the next part of my journey would be to learn about Energetic Cellular Healing with Tjitze de Jong in Scotland.  I graduated in 2012 and later that year I went on to continue further studies with him, on the Advanced Energetic Cellular Healing Course including, Harmonising Relational Cords, Spiritual Surgery, working with guides, and more advanced techniques on levels 5-7.  Since completing these courses my mind has been opened even further to the possibilities we all have to heal ourselves.  During this time I went through a period of growth and people who know me commented on how I was changing.  I really feel like this was a period of transformation for me and a connection to my path in life.


I have been interested in alternative/complementary therapies for most of my adult life.  Having experienced many other careers I have now created the opportunity to share what I know and help other people.  I am living my dream and sharing my passion.  Now, as a qualified energy healer and intuitive coach, my aim is to help you to be healthy and happy, to live in joy and from a place of love – and I practice this in my own life too.  If you are suffering physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, I can help you progress on your path of awakening and healing, towards a place of self-realisation and joy.

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Muscular problems

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Sleeping problems

Emotional shock or wounding

Many illnesses

Low spirits

Emotional imbalance

Soreness or discomfort

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects


"I have just recently completed working with Jaquie.  She is a very caring healer and I enjoyed working with her.  I am feeling much better and will come back to see you again just because I enjoyed the healing experience so much.  Thank you."

Barbara Ann Brennan - Hands Of Light: Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field


Tjitze de Jong - Cancer, a Healer's Perspective: Insights, Stories and Messages of Hope

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